Spa Policies

·  I understand that is vital for the safety and effectiveness of my treatments to ensure that I have provided honest, accurate, and up-to-date information. If there are any changes in my skin, product usage, or medical history, I will inform CITY Bella Medispa immediately.

·  I understand and agree to the cancellation policy. I’ll arrive on time for appointments or reschedule with at least 24 hours notice.

·  I voluntarily consent to CITY Bella Medispa assessment and treatment. I consent to the use of all products required for treatment. I understand that some services may require purchase of supplemental products. I’ve informed CITY Bella Medispa at any allergies that I have.

·  I agree to adhere to the requirements for IPL hair removal treatment. This includes avoiding hot showers and exercise on the day of the treatment. I will shave the night before treatment or wax the treatment area one week before my scheduled appointment.  It is my responsibility to review the requirements before attending each session. I will inform the Hair removal Specialist (HRS) of any potential violation of these requirements.

·  I understand that IPL treatment for permanent hair reduction is a commitment. I understand that this process may be 10- 18 months, or longer.  I commit to adhere to my treatment schedule and make efforts to ensure treatments is most effective.

·  I understand that the esthetician will explain the process and answer any questions that I may have before beginning treatment.

·  I release CITY Bella Medispa, their technicians, esthetician, persons and consultants from liability.

·  I understand there are no refunds on any packages and services once a treatment is provided.